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Whether you're looking to make a few changes to your kitchen's lighting or need help wiring your brand new whirlpool, we're only ever a phone call away!

Get your new appliances up and running

A new appliance is always a great addition to your home, but is the infrastructure ready? Is there an outlet for your new water softener? Does your house have enough power for your new whirlpool? If not, give us a call and we'll set you up with an affordable upgrade today!

  • Panel upgrades from fuses to breakers
  • Wiring appliances and fixtures
  • New outlet installation and replacement
  • Cable outlet installations

Panel upgrades made simple

If you have an older home, your electrical service panel may be outfitted with replaceable fuses. Fuse panels are not only less safe than modern options, but are also more work to maintain, and often cannot support as much voltage.

Let us upgrade your system to a breaker panel, which never requires fuse replacement, and can be turned back on with the flick of a switch. This simple change can even lower your insurance rates and improve the value of your home, all based on the increased safety it affords.

Give us a call today and learn about how easy it is to upgrade!

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